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Private Practice

Develop your personal yoga practice with private sessions tailored to your specific needs.  One-on-one sessions are perfect for individuals looking to receive personal attention you cannot receive in a group setting.  I have worked with individuals who have never stepped on a yoga mat to students who have been practicing for years.  Whatever your goal or intention may be, I will be sure to design a practice to fit your specific needs.  

Personal Training (in person or virtual)

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Product Developer for major fitness corporations I have trained clients of all ages and fitness levels.  We will work together to establish clear goals and create a custom program to maximize your results and adapt an overall healthier lifestyle.  Through my extensive training and experience in the fitness industry I have worked will all modalities of training including HITT, Strength Training, Barre, Core Stabilization, Cardiovascular Training and Yoga.  Contact me today to set up a FREE phone session or in person consultation.    

Customized Training Plan

If you need the flexibility of working out on your own but with the attention of a personal trainer this is a great option.  After our initial phone or video consultation we will work together to establish clear and achievable goals.  You will receive a customized workout plan delivered to your inbox at the start of the week.  Through email, text and phone communication I will hold you accountable to ensure you stay on track throughout the process.  

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